Thinking of selling, take a look at at your home with 'fresh eyes'. Look at the exterior of your home, look for any wood rot around windows, doors etc. Could the outside use a fresh coat of paint?  Going to change the color, ask your HOA to consider a color you would like to use. 

Here's a good video for exterior painting ideas


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Good  article for sellers about how to 
Grow Your Own Privacy: Screen With Plants and Trees

 How Many Showings Does It Take to Sell Your Home?A new Realtor in my office asked me recently about how many showings does it take to sell one of my listings? Good question. Many of my listings sell the first day to the first month on the market.

The National Association of Realtors says your home should sell within 10 showings or two weeks , if not, they recommend that the sellers reduce their price. Pricing your home right as well as staging and nuetralizing are key to a quick sale. Feedback from agents/buyers seeing your house is also important. 
We are experiencing multiple offers in this area on homes that are priced to sell and in certain price points. So putting a higher price on your home is not only not going to get you more $$$'s, it may have you playing catch up with the market later on by making you lower your price to meet the market.
If your home is priced correctly from the beginning, not only should you get your price or close to it, you should also be able to sell it quickly.  If you know someone who has not sold their home, it’s either overpriced, doesn’t show well or a combination of both. There are other factors that could prevent a quick sale. Call us, we are the experts!
If you’d like to know how many showings it will take to sell your home, call me at 919.561.0411 

8 Steps to Selling Your House

There are more than 8 steps to selling your home, in our example below, I am giving you a starting point. When I meet you and go through your home, I will have more suggestions. Don't forget to post your home on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Ask your friends and followers to share as well so your home gets the most exposure possible. Also put it on your work community online board. Ask your friends and followers to share as well , to multipy your exposure. You never know who is looking!

You know every home is different, even if they are the exact same 'model'. Your neighbor's home might be 'the same' as yours, yet yours might have a new roof, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, wood floors (good for you for upgrading and updating your home)  Your neighbors might have added a screened porch, fenced yard and updated all the bathrooms, again, this affects todays current market value and the price between those two homes. Those two homes may not be the same value.

 We can let you know what your home's current market value is. Companies that are not locally based such as Zillow, Trulia can only do 'guesstimates'(hence the name Zestimate for Zillow) based on information they buy from third party vendors who are basically accessing some but not all public records. They don't know that one neighborhood like ' Inside The Beltline' or Preston, Hope Valley, 12 Oaks, Hasentree,  might have more value than one on the other side of the beltline. There are nuances that a local professional knows.

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 Staging Vs Decorating


Tulips for Spring,Mums for Fall        

I was at a big box store the other day and spotted flowers sitting there 
Flowers are probably one of the easiest and least expensive ways of dressing up your front yard to increase  curb appeal and make a great first impression. 

As a Realtor who works with buyers and sellers,I will share with you that many buyers will take the time to drive by a neighborhood/house, to preview it . So yes, you may be getting people taking a first look at the exterior of your house and thats why its important to 'pretty it up' 
You want a good first impression and flowers gives us some wonderful options.

Spice up your decorating by adding some colors of the season ,in spring, yellows, greens, pinks,purples, in the fall add  pumpkin,rust,reds and browns, inside and outside! Winter, reds to warm it up and summer, cool tones.

Plant them or put them in containers, inside and out, don't forget around the mailbox. 

Curb appeal is important. Show off your beautiful yard.

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